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Anatomy Of A Payment

Info2know Publishing puts a lot into acquiring, making, writing, editing, publishing, and distributing your ebook. Long hours, sleepless nights, and social life sacrifices. When it's finally finished and on the Info2know Publishing website, it's time to start taking your payment and getting your ebook to you. Rather, it's time for Info2know Publishing/Gumroad to start thinking about payments and fulfillment. And we do. We geek out on it every day (some of us more than others). Because, for you, those things should just happen.

So What Happens When You Click The Green Tab That Says 'Buy this'?

Once you enter your credit card number and email address, and hit the green tab that says 'Buy this', from that moment, and in the span of milliseconds, the following occurs.

First, a token is created for the purchase. This encrypted bit of the Matrix is what eventually (again, we're talking about milliseconds) gets passed to our banking partners. In other words, we neither see nor store any credit card information.

Oh. Real quick. We check against the inventory of the item being purchased. Is it actually available to be sold? Yes? Great. Moving on.

Next are fraud checks. The token is run through our fraud algorithms, checking both buyer and seller characteristics.

Here's a little about how we detect fraud. It has been edited slightly by our Risk team. :)

When approved, we send the token to our banking partners, where it goes through a checklist. Their systems check for two groups of information.


  • Is the card number a valid one?
  • Does the provided name match the name on the credit card account?
  • Is the expiration date accurate and not in the past?
  • Does the address (usually the zip code), if provided, match the account's?


  • Is the credit card account in good standing and able to make purchases?
  • Does the balance on the account cover the cost of the intended purchase?

When everything looks good on that end, Info2know/Gumroad is notified. Then we deliver the goods, where they can be read, listened to, streamed, downloaded, saved to Dropbox, or sent to a Kindle.

The whole process takes 'milliseconds'

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What happens when you click
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